Big things with little cars

Hawlin' Corvettes

This week’s acquisitions have been exclusively Corvettes so far.

Went to Costco and they had the good stuff in. Some good stuff, but I have to be very selective with my large-scale stuff because of space. Which pretty much means Corvettes, although I was very tempted by the Datsun.


All of the Corvettes were police cars. The C7 looks killer, but I already have the non-police version, so it was either the C1 or the C2. I already have a Maisto C1 in 1:24, and I have no decent larges-scale C2, so that kinda made the choice for me.

I honestly have some mixed feelings about the police livery on this, but I like it well enough. Interior is nicely detailed.


So is the engine bay, although I really don’t understand what’s up with the alternator, as it’s just kinda hanging out there attached to nothing else except a plastic “belt”.


Got home yesterday to a package from shop-teacher with the James Bond Corvette that he’d picked up for me because I haven’t been able to find the stupid thing. It has all the familiar flaws of the rather dated casting, but I’m still quite pleased to have it. The Micro Machines C1 was a nice surprise which I was quite tickled by. Thanks!

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