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Hawlin' Premieres During Premiere Month

Picked up some of the Inaugural First Edition 2-packs off the ‘Bay. I don’t particularly care for these aside from the Boxsters and maybe the Dodge Concepts, but it was $20 for the whole lot. That’s including shipping. Which makes it about $2 a car, so why not, you know? And yes, that’s a 2nd set of Boxsters you see there, which means they’re up for grabs. Hit me up if you want ‘em! Otherwise, they’ll go back up on the ‘Bay so I can recoup half of my Androoo Jackson.

Also, I went on a Walmart run last night just for the heck of it. One Walmart was just putting out fresh cases of Pop Culture (some sort of superhero theme) and Redlines. There were about a handful of Long Gones from the Redline series and a handful each of the GMC Motorhome and Panel from the Pop Culture series. What did I walk out with? Nothing.


I blame it on the eBay effect. For the same money, I could just get myself a Premiere, or one of those Superfast MBX’s that Plasticprints has been poisoning all of us with. Yeah, that was a pointless hawl story, I know.

In other news, my Premiere feature today will be delayed until the afternoon. I haven’t had a chance to think about what to write for today’s post. In fact, I’m still in the middle of editing the photos as we speak. It’s past 5 AM here and I haven’t even slept yet. Then again, who needs sleep when you have some DLM’ing to do?

Nonetheless, I’ll offer you guys a little teaser.

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