Had a good day hunting yesterday! Target gave me everything D-case (including a single Fugu Z, placed front and center by the collector before me... thanks dude); and I found a random international case at a grocery store. Scored the blue Bel Air Gasser, and this Gas Monkey thing, of which I’m not a fan. Shamelessly grabbed it for trade bait! 😊

Not to bite Plasticprints’ style, but I’m looking for a Bel Air Gasser HWEP. Number one on my list is the Redline version... but any livery not pictured above is on my list. Hit me up! If you’re not interested in what I have pictured at the top, let’s chat anyway. My trade pile is large, as I am lazy.

Happy hunting everybody!

Special thanks to Mrs. Diablo for the beer bottle label jigsaw puzzle.