Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

From today’s trip back from the dentist:

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Porsche, Corvette, and Ford GT from the Circuit Legends Series. And the new MBX Audi, Willys 4x4, Bus and the Honda Ridgeline.
There were three of the Ford GT, but some hero decided to bend all the cards. This was the most salvageable of them all.
Everything’s available for HWEP except the Jeep...I know I’ll find another one, but have plans for the first one I found. My current wants are as follows:

JL Classic Gold VW Pickup w/whitewalls! BLACK version

 JADA ‘47 COE -(played with is fine if there’s no bends)

2 Racing Champions Ford f-350 pickups, for INTACT front & rear wheels , duallies


Star Wars Dencar? Ford Transit van

 HWs 50th VW Sq Back & Drag Bus

 MBX Tuk Tuk

Team Transport(s) 962 Porsche/MOMO, VW flatbed/Porsche 356

2007 FE Dodge Ram 1500 w/bed cover. (Or any later version with the bed cover.)

Thanks and happy hunting!

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