Had a few days of good finds. Couldn’t believe I actually found the 510 and the VW Squareback 50th Annv Favs.


Little background on the GreenLight and Johnny Lightning HR Collection cars... Stopped in at Hobby Lobby to see what they had hanging. Turns out they had a pretty good selection, but I narrowed it down to the ‘69 Chevelle SS and the ‘66 Mustang. I about had a conniption when I looked at the price tags. So I did what any savvy shopper would do...I searched online for a Hobby Lobby coupon. Come to find out, they ALWAYS have a 40% off any 1 single item in the store. Soooo I bought the Chevelle with my coupon and came back the next day (hoping nobody nabbed the ‘stang) and purchased the Mustang with, yep, the same 40% off coupon.

Headed to WalMart the next night and discovered a JL ‘69 Chevelle, then I spotted the VW Bus (“Pickup”) and the M2 Ford Fairlane (love those oldies). SOLD!! Next stop, Target. Spotted the HW’s 50th models and called it good.

Comparing the GreenLight SS and the JL SS...love ‘em both!
Love the detail in this Mustang.


Now if I could only find the VW Team Transport combo... Thanks, Noodles, for the great close ups, by the way...