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Hawls and Hweps

Haven’t had time to write up a post lately! Got another hwep from vdubya yesterday so I figured I’d write one up quickly. Here we go!

First off up there was a Hwep I had done with Sharpspeed for the Integra. This cast is impossible to find in area. Im also a huuuge acura fanboy, this car was a must have. So this trade was much appreciated!


The flipping Zamboni! I was nearly giving up on finding one. Vdubya posted he found one, he had remembered some one on LaLD was looking for one. That someone happened to be me! So greatful for him looking out for his fellow LaLD’ers. He even threw in an awesome RAOK ‘32 Ford! That’s just how cool this community is!

Next up some of my recent hawls!

Could not turn down this amazing multi-pack! Wow...

The police M4, CRX and gt350R are my highlights here. Found them randomly scattered in the hotwheel aisle, got lucky there!

This was an awesome hawl, local pharmacy paid off here!

This sucker was a must have. Dekotora/bosozoku car culture is my absolute favorite car scene. As a big fan of Japanese culture in general this guy just checked every box on my want list. It’ll look great with my fleet of Mad Mangas!


Thanks for looking and thanks again for the hweps guys! You all rock!

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