I’ve was away on vacation last week and, except for a couple of entries for LaLD Car Week, I’ve been busy catching up on work and life in general. But I wanted to share some cars I’ve acquired while on vacation, and since.

First off, it seems to me that the distribution order for Hot Wheels is East to West, North to South as we went from Colorado to Las Vegas. Colorado ( at least where I am) is still sporting G case cars while Vegas had E case stuff. Vegas was a bust in cars as well as the casinos but I did manage to find the elusive Wagon Queen Family Truckster.

Having grown up when this movie came out, it is one of those cars that really sticks. Like Magnum’s Ferrari,the A-Team’s black Chevy van, and the BttF DeLorean, the Family Truckster is one of those vehicles that slaps you until you can never forget it. Everything about it is perfectly ugly and I love it. Unfortunately, the roof rack has decided it doesn’t like it’s hole so this may just have to be DLM’d.

When I got back from vacation, I made my way down to a local comic con and toy show. Only two booths had many cars, and one guy was selling a couple if nice redlines, one a Custom Mustang at $60. If I had the money, I’d have bought it, but cheaper was what I was looking for that day. What I did buy was the following:


A first edition Hakosuka Skyline.

This gorgeous 2010 Super Snake that I’ve been looking for.


And this equally gorgeous ‘65 Mustang Convertible Super Treasure Hunt! It goes great with its sibling, dontcha think?

The show itself was cool, even if it smelled of geek sweat. :)

The finale is the result of a trade with Frosted, that started with me finding a Jeepster from Japan with Kanji instead of English. Really cool and he wanted it for the unique nature of it. I bought it and we worked out a deal. It was a pricier cast to acquire so Frosted obliged me a few casts to the one.


The Zamac Shelby EXP500 CSS which I had also acquired previously in a trade with vdubyajohn. I like to have two of each Mustang so I can keep one carded and open one. Keep that in mind for future trades with me. :)


The other two are the Zamac Fiesta and the MBX ‘68 Cobra Jet. The Zamac are E case and the scalpers beat me to them, so I never saw them. I’m very happy to have this one. And I thought I had this CJ but it turns out I didn’t, so another Mustang gets checked off the list.

But Frosted didn’t stop there. He also threw in some extra FoMoCo and I cannot tell you how awesome that was to find!


What a heck of a RAOK! Thanks, Frosted!! As an aside, the neon orange Mustang I have in my Computer Cars package but I’ve always been tempted to get it out. I’m so glad I don’t have to now.

Thanks again to Frosted, and thanks for looking. Happy hunting!