Big things with little cars

HAWLs over the past few weeks...

Just dropping these in here to memorialize. I seem to take a lot of pictures but never seem to find time to post. It’s Saturday afternoon sooooo.....


I actually broke down and bought one of those JL Street Freaks Zinger Novas. Did a curious check online and somebody is actually trying to sell one of these for $11.95 + $5 shipping... ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? So what do good people like us LaLD’ers do? Well, we drill it and make a project out of it.

Love that 12 bolt posi-track differential with those massive rear meats! My overall goal is to dress up this little ZAMAC v8 with some paint and mount it (not sure how yet...super glue?) on an engine repair stand for a garage diorama I’ve been dreaming about making. So many projects, so little time...sigh. Maybe slap some grey primer on the body and simulate a paint booth??


Sitting on top of the super glue cap:


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