I always wanted to make a visible V8 engine, but with the crappy reviews of Testors engine, I forgot all about getting a model engine. Until I found out about the Haynes V8 engine model.

No glue, all screw together and the screws go where bolts are to build a real engine! Over head cam, light up spark plugs, etc. Also the reviews are great on Amazon. The price is a bit high, but it is worth it. I had no bad parts and everything fit together perfectly.

A big colorful box. Was heavier than I thought it would be.


Back of the box shows all the parts. I left mine on the sprue until needed. I never knew Haynes was a European company. Their repair manuals are good enough, so their engine must be too.


Packed full of parts!


Lots of bags. Heres the crankshaft, screws, head gaskets, camshaft rods, and more.


Not only the manual shows how to build the engine, but teaches how the four stroke engine works, the terminology, etc. Excellent tool for someone that wants to know more about engines and mechanics. I knew this already, so it doesn't serve much use.

Even teaches kids about suck, squeeze, bang, and blow! Never too young ;D


I put more pictures of building the engine in the video later in the review.

Other than putting the halves of the pistons together, it is very realistic. The plastic is a silverish gray color.


Two valves per cylinder. Intake is the larger one and exhaust is smaller.


I use a razor blade to remove excess plastic that came off the mold.

All the rocker arms are in place with the camshaft underneath.


I think it took a few hours to build the engine. Getting the timing belt on without the idler pullys and timing tool falling off is the hardest part.

The engine has a good bit of weight to it. Measures a foot long and about 9 inches tall. May seem small, but looks bigger than it is.




Made a video of the engine running.... slowly lol. The engine did make V8 engine sounds of an engine revving, but the loud motor drowns it out, plus seems out of place, since the engine only goes one speed.

So I just cut the wires before making a video with the sounds. :/

Overall I am pleased with the engine. I had a lot of fun building it, just like a real engine, but smaller parts and no precise measurements to go by. This would be an excellent model for schools.


I do believe I made one mistake while making the engine and I probably put one of the camshafts on the wrong side. Causing the exhaust valve to close before the spark plug goes off. I rechecked my timing and it all perfect. I might fix it one day.

There could be a lot of improvements, just like their repair manuals :P

1. Using clear plastic instead of smoke color.

2. Moving parts in bright colors

3. Clear plastic on distributor cover

4. V8 revving sounds are pretty much pointless, could of used a quieter motor.

5. Rubber timing belt, plastic will eventually break

6. Pushrods would be more visually appealing. Can barely see the cam shafts under the rocker arms.


7. Fuel injectors with blue LEDs