I’ve never done a review where I start with a heads up report, and I apologize in advance that this post is less intriguing than it sounds.

For those that are still looking for the MBX ‘59 Chevy Wagon and all the other wicked castings from the latest MBX release, check your local Kroger stores. As every retail stores are geared if not gearing up for Christmas shopping. Walmart, Target and even TRU liquidated some old inventory during Black Friday and now that includes Kroger. Krogers are now getting new shipments of the MBX Power Grabs (the ones packaged in boxes and not on blister) with the latest releases. Why not get these at TRU instead? Well, TRU may still be sitting on older cases at least 2 releases behind and also right now Kroger mark these at $0.79 each which also applies to HWs.

Now for the review, it’s really not as interesting since these cars been shared on LaLD a couple of times by GT-RGuy and a few other people.

First up the aforementioned ‘59 Chevy Wagon, a beautiful classic and its wagon status gain bonus points from me.


Next up is the little Morris Mini. If you don’t already know, I’m a huge Mini fan and this will look fantastic with my gold MBX 60th Anniversary version. BTW there’s a very specific reason why this pic came to be, can you figure out what that is?

And lastly, the SLR. What a joy not just see it return to the MBX line but also Mercedes as a brand to return to Mattel. Many consider the long F1 inspired nose and peanut shaped headlights ugly, to me I think this is a handsome car and this silver is much better than the bluish silver when it was first released 7 years ago. All the tampos on it have gone through a slight change and by change I mean a little less detailed. the textures in the headlight tampo is less defined and inside the rear LED taillights are no longer showing the dots that represent the amber lights for the turn signal as well as the Mercedes emblem in the rear is absent. But I don’t care, it’s still a magnificent casting, I picked up an extra of the SLR for anyone on here since these will be gone quick.


Some bonus pics, inspired by GT-RGuy