Hi all!! New poster here!

I’ve been collecting and modifying 1/18 scale cars for as long as I can remember; I’ve passed obsession and reached something else entirely, may I share it with you?

Lets keep today to the UT Models BMW M3 (e36 chassis). This is a 2nd edition car, with better headlights and some sharper details, in that super-slick Dakar Yellow that looks ohh-soo good!

These things are fun, aren’t they? It’s a shame UT isn’t around any more in this sense, they were pretty high quality, even if you have to remind yourself most of these were made in the 90’s and we can do so much better for this pricepoint nowadays. Still, it seems almost every collector still has a UT Models of some sort, and it’s usually something like this, a 993 porsche GT2, or the awesome Ferraris that Sn210 just scored.


Mine is a little different nowadays.

yup. LED modded e36 M3 diecast. well, SMDs actually.


I decided to do some different things, like french style yellow fog lights and driving lights to match.

Naturally the rear lights work!


All six front lights work simultaneously if that’s what you prefer. (no blinkers yet)

“But how does one control this”, you ask, “the model still looks the same, the hood even still opens?!”


“its a little switch” I reply. “and yes, the front wheels still turn just fine!”

(pardon the microfiber :) )

What is that fourth switch for then? one headlight, one driving light and one fog light, one rear lights...


Fiber Optic interior lights hooked up to the fourth switch!

This was a ton of fun to build, and while I haven’t built many like this, I’d like to show them off from time to time! (less than five have lights right now!)


Let me know what you think!