Hello LaLD! It's been awhile.

I haven’t had any time for customs for quite some time now, but when a coworker asked if I could make a miniature of his fallen friend’s racecar, I couldn’t say no. His friend was a popular local racer that drowned in a kayaking accident very recently.

I remembered seeing a couple Hot Wheels Maximum Leeway castings warming the pegs at Target. The casting is part of the Art Cars series. Bright orange, with chrome seat, purple roll cage and rims. The Testors florescent orange and yellow are much brighter than I expected, but fit the look I was trying for.


Please excuse the hand numbering and graphics. They are far from perfect, given my shaky hand and the tight deadline for completion. The camera lens on my phone is broken, so the pictures are really poor quality.

My coworker told me that he may give the car to his friend’s parents or, possibly, have it buried with him. How would you feel about one of your customs going to a stranger’s resting place, never to be seen again? I’m both honored, and a little weirded out by the thought of it.

Thanks for looki

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