Hi all! I am Aussie-AL, from Australia where the Hot Wheels costs twice as much and arrive on our shores probably around 6 months later.

I have only just gotten into diecast collecting for about 3 months (childhood doesn't count). And it all started with my partner harmlessly buying me a Hot Wheels S2000 only because she heard about my passionate love for Hot Wheels as a little boy but because coming from a poor family, my collection was sparse. Little did she know that this insignificant gift sparked a frenzy in my head and triggered my pursue to start collecting.

The first weeks was me randomly dropping by the usual shops and picking up literally everything but in realising my limitations on space, I have only just been focusing on JDMs, police cars and taxis (in my opinion, Tomica Limited Vintage wins in this area - photos to come in the future to support this point), and anything that I visually like.

Currently I have about 100 cars freely roaming around my room and about another 150 still in packaging, awaiting the day I move to a bigger place and have somewhere to display them nicely.

Whenever I get a chance to post, I will put up some photos of my current cars or whatever I pick up. I realise with me being in Australia, it will mean trades could be difficult but I am open to explore this in the future. Also, bear in mind, I don't get access to many varieties in Australia but I do travel internationally quite a fair bit for work so hopefully can pick up different diecasts and my posts will be more than the usual mainlines that you all are already seeing.

So, for my first photos, they will be dedicated to the Honda S2000 that started it all (and also my supporting partner who wanders through toy aisles with me, asking me if I want the Snoopy Car)


And alongside its Red counterpart...


That's it for now and hopefully I haven't bored you all and I will be posting up more photos and less words in the future.