I have been trying to line up a car or two to post for LaLeMans2018, and in doing so, I realized that I cant get my IXO 1/43s off their stands, because of that stupid triangular head screw!

My local electrical/hardware supplies stores dont seem to have triangle head screw drivers at all, and the prices on ebay for the ones I found (thanks to an old Jobjoris post here) are making the wife roll her eyes.

Most of the multi-pack screwdriver sets that I can buy on Amazon India, have either 2.3 or 3.0 mm heads. I found some magnetic bits for electric screwdrivers too, but not sure if they are the right size. If I knew one of them will work, then I’d get one of these sets. Or if someone has a better idea, please share that too!

Anyways, this is for the short term only. I googled and based on advice I saw in another forum, I emailed IXO’s customer support and they have offered to mail the right screw driver to me.


But it wont get to me on time for LaLeMans2018. And so, I come to you for advice.

And here is an obligatory pic of a couple of old cars from my collections


Edit: I took stock of the situation last night and I realized, as a city slicker, I sorely lack the skills to do what some of you suggested. Luckily, this morning, I got this email from the kind people at IXO. They have shipped out a free screwdriver as promised!

I dont think this will get to me in time for the Le Mans Weekend, but I have a couple other cars to show off, so it is all good.