Totally and shamelessly piggybacking on the 10k IG followers announcement, here is my plea for help.

10k followers is insanely cool, and is also an even number milestone for us. And traditionally (see IG hashtags #LaLD6kgiveaway and #LaLD8kgiveaway) we now have to do a giveaway. Again, traditionally, this has to include a version of the venerable LaLDsun 510 wagon as seen in our proud logo. And non-traditionally, since this is 10k (!!!), we have to do it bigger than before, meaning not one but two LaLDsuns. Well, one is technically a LaLDsan, a Fairlady Z.

So far I’ve done three versions of the LaLDsun 510 wagon:

  • I recreated the logo in black with white lettering (and purple interior), which is the OL (Original LaLDsun) and lives with our Dear Leader Jeff Simmons.
  • I did another version of the original for our 6k milestone, but turned the LaLDsun 510 into a 3-door (plus hatch) delivery vehicle with a custom 6k logo, but still in black and white.
  • For 8k I reversed the colors to (matte) white with black lettering, adding a hand-painted LaLD logo hood.


For 10k I’d of course like to go a different direction, and here are my ideas so far:


  • Red with white lettering.
  • A two-part livery requiring both cars to sit next to eachother to get the full effect.

That’s it... Let me know how those ideas are, and give me more! Crowdsource me some LaLDsun livery ideas!