Big things with little cars

Here's my second reason on why...

I was pulled back in by mainline Matchbox and Hot Wheels. As my previous post indicated I shifted into the more realistic high end die cast when Matchbox started doing more unrealistic cars but returned to Matchbox due to the Willys jeep 4x4 pickup. What about Hot Wheels then? Here’s what caught my eye

A Hot Wheels ‘70 Ford Escort. I was looking for the die cast of this model for a long time and was able to only acquire the 1/64 plastic kits.


The first one that I saw and acquired was actually the White one. When I found out that the blue was already release based on the F&F 6 movie driven by Brian I decided to hunt for one. I found this from an auction site with a reasonable price.

Another HW caught my eye and its the Porsche Outlaw.


I am not a Porsche collector but I like the color and the style of the early Porsche model so definitely it was acquired. Lastly here are some more Hot Wheels that gain my interest.

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