Big things with little cars
1:61 and 1:1

Here’s my real car.

Sadly not also red.

This was inspired by Mr. Regular. Also, I apologize for the poor quality of some of the photos - they were taken by an actual camera, but the lighting was subpar.

They had Alfa Romeo 4Cs in the exact same colors at last year’s show.

Pictures were taken at the Canadian International Auto Show on Sunday February 14, 2016.

I never found the red Hellcat in stores, so here’s a blue one.
The lighting here was mediocre
My camera had trouble focusing on both cars in all my Jaguar F-Type shots, so here’s another blurry one.
Not a 1:1 BMW M4, since the only M4 they had was a convertible.
1:68 to 1:1

Feel free to use this idea at any car show/cruise night/Cars and Coffee/random meetup. I’d certainly like to see more of your cars juxtaposed with real cars.

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