These are from my recent HWEP with ShopTeacher. This trade initially started when ShopTeacher wanted the Darda PullBack racer that I snagged at a thrift shop. I gave him an excuse to go out and pick up the Mbx Exotics pack... and things just took off from there!

First up is this insanely cool JL Camaro. Normally, I am not a huge fan of drag strip cars or Camaros for that matter. I initially was going to liberate the wheels off this. But, now that it’s in my paws. I can’t. This car is amazing. The detail is terrific and the build quality is awesome. I’ve fallen in love with a Camaro and that is unexpected.

Next up is this fantastic JL Chevy Impala. Once again, I was going to take this apart and give it a new paint job. But, the details on this car are amazing. I just don’t like the gaudy Coca Cola stuff on it. I might use a dry erase on this car to remove the Coke promo stuff. But, I will need to practice on another car first. (never tried the Dry Erase tactic before)

This next one is DEFINITELY going under the dremel of death. The famous Cobra Concept that everyone loves to hate. It’s not a bad cast though... Just an uninspired design by FoMoCo. These wheels are exactly like the RS Richochet rims I have on my 1:1 RX7. My Rx7 die-cast custom project is moving along slowly. These wheels are just what I need to get the project moving again.


Lastly, we have this badass ‘79 Chevette. It’s too beautiful not to DLM. Sooooooo... It’s free now! I have a soft spot for these cars because my best friend in high school had one and nearly got us killed by losing control on a dirt road and almost sending us into a lake (I can’t swim). And later, in college when I was frequenting car shows with my Rx7. My friends would enter the audio competition with a heavily modded Chevette that would win SPL trophies like crazy. Good times.


Thanks for looking and Thanks again ShopTeacher! I really appreciate these amazing cars.