Let us let our imagination run wild: Which special series would never get approved by Mattel? Some suggestions after the jump.

- Hot Wheels ℞ - Do not let the R fool you, the cross indicates this series true nature. Hot Wheels prescription, with 6 thematic cars based on the most popular prescription drugs! Featuring the Vicks® Dairy Delivery and Lexotan® Drag Bus!

 - Hot Wheels Creepypasta - Paying homage to the scariest stories from the internet. Models inspired by Slender Man, Candle Cove, Garage Sale TLoZ Majora’s Mask cart and more.

- Hot Wheels Yellow Spread - Your favorite brands of margarine, now in diecast form.


- Hot Wheels B-reels - 6 cars themed after some of the most popular B-flicks. I would actually dig a model with an Attack of the Killer Tomatoes livery...

What are your suggestions?