Big things with little cars

Hey remember that time I was building cases?

Well I finally finished them. It only took me a year and a half! All I have left to do is get them from my father-in-law’s, set them up in the basement, then DLM some things.


I could come up with 1000 excuses as to why it took me so long, but it all came down to me getting myself over to my FIL’s shop and making a decision on the final design.

Originally, the design we came up with featured a glass door and shelves, oak trim around the back, and a mirrored backing. After an unsuccessful experiment with a roll of reflective Mylar and a disheartening quite from the local glass shop, I decided I wanted to streamline the design. I think what we came up with are simple, and dare I say, elegant.

I had planned on using these for my 1:18’s, but I’d be limited as far as quantity and how I can display the models. Ultimately, I think I’ll be using these for my Hot Wheels. I can fit about a half-dozen on each shelf. Some quick math tells me I’ve got room to display 240 or so.

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