Hi guys. Here is today’s Hawl. I spent a few hours at Volo Auto museum, the place Fintail posted about a few weeks ago. The real cars were cool as usual. I took my time of course. But I think I honestly spent more Time Looking at Diecast. I think im sick or something. Nothing too fancy, but some classics that just brought me back. Here we have the 1983 Richard Petty, The 2002 Jeff Gordon Dupont 200th car, The 1998 Hotwheels Kyle Petty, The 2000 Bill Elliott McDonalds Toystory Two, which has the coolest paint scheme in my opinion. 2 are those classic HW Nascars, with outstanding quality conrol for a child’s toy. The other 2 are Action Racing. One detailed, and one a toy. I have a few more 1:64 Hawls I still need to finish taking pictures of. They’re also regular cars, so they would be better in a second post.


Just noticed as I was publishing Jr’s Chevy Ss’s grille looks like it wants to eat the McDonalds car ironically. I swear I did not plan that.