Hello everyone, I wanted to post a couple of pics and say “Hi.” I don’t have a ton of cars; I’m picky and lazy. The pool of cars that is both on the shelf at Target or Toys R Us or wherever I happen to be as a married father of 3 AND manages to fit my taste is pretty small.

These are two quick shots I did on a handy piece of sanding belt with my Canon T2i and 18mm-55mm kit lens. They are not as good as I had hoped, and I need to work on my technique. Some of you guys take some great pics, and I hope to get some better shots in the future. Michael Paul Smith and his forced perspective pics are amazing, and I’d like to work towards my own best version of that work.

The Kenmari is one of my favorite cars, and is the diecast that sparked my adult collecting a couple of years ago. The M4 is a car that my youngest picked out for herself that she wanted me to photograph. Both are run of the mill Hot Wheels. I don’t recall the origin of the Skyline, but the M4 was just bought at K-Mart a week or so ago.

I also have to ask, as I have searched in vain for answers - what do all the acronyms mean? HAWL, HWEP, etc.? Maybe there could be a newbie post with some baseline info. Or maybe there is and I haven’t seen it!

Thanks for the invite, and good fortune to all.