Big things with little cars

High price = despicable service

So. I had found this car I was exited about. Its a 2018 Ryan Blaney Ppg Paints Fusion with the galaxy finish. The unfortunate thing is that Fanatics and only sell it. Good luck finding one that’s not an elite series on lionel. They go quick. I wait a week for it, find a box in a bag thats ripping. I already know where this is going. The box has damage. I open the box, the clear shell is fatigued. But i cant find anything wrong with the car. Dont want to send it back because i sort of have a feeling it’s journey back could be worse, and then have some other sap buy it in worse condition. Pretty bummed however. I warn you to look elsewhere if you want Nascar. I am absolutly disappointed because how do i know some poor soul with full hands didn’t drop it? Was it on the bottom of the truck? Thought this would be an understanding community to just vent my extreme displeasure. Maybe ill get into the spirit to post full pictures later. I had been planning to free this one from the stand tomorrow when i get done with the day. Have a good evening LaLD.


I mean 1 of 49. Seriously....

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