Took some models into that new hobby shop and traded them in for other stuff. Some cars are already claimed (I’ll leave those at the bottom).

Only one I really like is the Crown Vic but all 5 are tradeable as I don’t really collect HW/MBX anymore (with a few exceptions)

I really wanted a Dusenberg but this one has a garish paint job and wheel choice. It is a final run car though, potential trade for a more era appropriate version? The Ram drag truck is really cool, I won’t be upset keeping it but it’s not what I’m really into so if someone else wants it, lemme know.


I really like the GMC Motorhome casting. It’ll take something very special to get these away from me.

These are claimed by Philip already. I MIGHT be able to snag another motortrend Porsche though...


These are claimed by MattyLightening. There were a lot of VW JLs at this shop and I’m not familiar with the brand of VWs so if anyone is after JL VWs let me know exactly what you want and whenever I go back I’ll look.