Let’s get in the holiday spirit and have some fun with diecast photography at the same time. Here are the rules:

- Pictures must be of loose diecast/resin vehicles. All sizes welcome. Please, no watermarks.

- Must be taken outdoors. Day or night.

- Must incorporate a winter holiday theme. Christmas in your neck of the woods? Celebrate Hanukkah or Eid instead? It doesn’t matter, just include a reference (specific or loose) to your winter holiday of choice.

**Email your best photo to plasticprints.lald@gmail by 11:59 PM PST December 25th (do not post to LaLD). Submissions will be compiled for voting. All LaLDers will blind vote on submissions on a post that will appear on Tuesday, Dec 26. Unfortunately, I can’t ship prizes international, but international users can compete for bragging rights.

Now for the prizes for US members. The winner will get to choose one of these gems. The two runners up get the remaining pieces. Good luck!


Sh***er was full!
This wild find Batmobile $uper has a cracked blister. Perfect for DLM


Carded 2017 Johnny Lightning Classic Gold Gremlin