Big things with little cars

Evening Mr. powers. Tonight brings great finds along with, 2nd impulse of the Internet Black Friday shenanigans brings the 2018 Clint Bowyer Ford ‘Hawl’ of Fans. The colors are an interesting scheme. Smooth lines and odd choice of colors really makes this one stand out. This car was run at Richmond in the spring and was a threat to win, but ended up being a battle between Martin Truex Jr and Kyle Busch. Kyle Busch ended up winning because he’s magic. I dont know...


Alright... Now what we have here is some irresistible Holiday Shopping Hawlage. I’ve been out shopping for my little cousins to prepare for last nights holiday party. Of corse I had the brilliant idea (sarcastic Clarkson voice) to curse my 5 year old cousin with some addicting diecast cars. They were the 50th HW Focus, The Yellow Cornet Dragster, The Red GTO judge, and Jimmie Johnson’s 2018 Lowe’s Power & Pride, with a prayer to the racing gods he will love Nascar someday. I did not snap those and they are most likely being played with at the moment. He’s sick so unfortunatly his Mom didn’t bring him last night, he stayed home with his Dad. This is what i impulsed on over for my inner 8 year old over the weekend. Couldnt let that V-dub bus and Porsche-AHH sit there. It was not hanging on anything. At first I was like oOoo Karman Gia, but to high heavens I was pleasently suprised when I looked closer .


During the last attempts, the first two stores... nothing... but then the last had everything you need. Like, good find after good find, plus that 190E... I have you now. The Dumont Jets Kasey Kahne and the Bass Pro Martin Truex are going to my brother for his birthday on Saturday. I hope he will get back into collecting as well. The 1/64's are his favorite. Have a nice evening.


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