From the Barris designed Batmobile to Brian O’Connor’s orange 2JZ powered Supra, it’s clear that the automobile has overwhelmingly become the star of the show.

Hollywood star cars are nothing new. Cars have been stealing the show since they were implemented in film and TV, and have only continued to garner equal or even more attention than the actors driving them.

From animated cars like the Mach 5 to extreme customs like the Munster Coach, to the perfectly modded Highland Green Mustang in Bullitt, to factory tie-ins like the Bumblebee Camaro and Starsky and Hutch Torinos — all very famous in their own rights and have now become a huge part of the American automotive fabric. Star cars have been know to be hits right off the bat. In the early 80's, Warner Brothers received more fan mail for the General Lee than any of the human actors — how cool is that?


I am a huge fan of star cars and absolutely love how many star cars are now available in scale form. Hot Wheels and Greenlight have been dropping star cars like crazy, and they have become a huge hit with us collectors. Hot Wheels’ Back to the Future hover mode Delorean and Greenlight’s Family Truckster have been on many collector’s wish list for years...and now we have them!!!


Like many of you I have a pretty large collection of 1/64th scale star I decided to gather a few of my favorites and get a few shots of them all together. I have many more than pictured, but only had so much room in my photo booth, so another version maybe on the way with more and different cars.


Here’s a list of the vehicles included in the photos:

Greenlight Smokey and the Bandit II Trans Am

Corgi Jr. 007 Aston Martin

100% Hot Wheels 1989 Batmobile

Racing Champions Fast and Furious Mitsubishi Eclipse

Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Back the the Future Delorean (1st release)

Johnny Lightning Mach 5

Racing Champions Fast and Furious Toyota Supra

Hasbro Camaro Bumblebee (2007 1st edition)

Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Knight Rider KARR

Hot Wheels Flintmobile

Corgi Jr. Batboat

Ertl Hardcastle and Mccormick Coyote

Hot Wheels ‘66 Batmobile (2007 new model)

Racing Champions Gone in 60 Seconds Eleanor (1974 movie version — write up here:)


Ertl Cooter’s “tow” truck (rare stepside version)

Corgi Jr. Batcycle

Johnny Lightning Blues Brothers 2000 Bluesmobile

Shelby Collectables GT500 Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

Corgi Jr. 007 Lotus Submarine version

Greenlight Dirt Mary Crazy Larry 1969 Dodge Charger (unofficial release)

Ertl 1992 Batman the Animated Series Batmobile

Ertl Cannonball Run Hawaiian Tropic NASCAR

Imperial Toy Co. C.H.i.P.’s Patrol Car

Fuji Film Ghostbusters Ecto-1A

Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Knight Rider KITT

Revell ‘55 Chevy American Graffiti release customized into the Two-Lane Blacktop ‘55 Chevy (appropriate because they are the same cars in real life also)


1981 Ertl General Lee customized to look like Lee 1

Greenlight Blues Brothers Chicago Police Car customized into Police 1 from the Dukes of Hazzard (I am a huge Dukes of Hazzard fan)


Husky ‘66 Batmobile

Hasbro vinatge Optimus Prime 2014 release

Corgi Jr. Kojak Buick patrol car

Johnny Lightning Green Hornet Black Beauty

Corgi Jr. Starsky and Hutch Torino

Corgi Jr. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang flying car

AutoWorld Christine Fury

Greenlight Blues Brothers Bluesmobile, roof speaker edition

Greenlight Blues Brothers Chicago Police Car

Ertl Cannonball Run Rolls Royce

Johnny Lighting Back to the Future Doc’s work van (from two-pack diorama)

Tomica Batmobile #4 from Batman Begins

Greenlight Joe Dirt Daytona (2nd release, greatest hits version)

Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Back to the Future II Hover mode Delorean

Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Back to the Future III western Delorean

Jada Fast 7 off-road Charger

Ertl Boss Hogg’s Cadillac

Hasbro Optimus Prime (1st release 2007)

Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Ferris Bueller Ferrari California

Hot Wheels Ghostbusters Ecto (2016)

Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment A-team van

Johnny Lightning ‘77 Monaco 1989 Jokers Goon car (unofficial release)

Hot Wheels Ghostbusters Ecto 2 (2016)

Ertl the Fall Guy Chevy Truck

Hot Wheels Ghostubusters Ecto-1 (2010 new model)

Corgi Jr. Batcopter

Racing Champions Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am

Ertl Smokey and the Bandit Buford T. Justice patrol car

Hot Wheels Simpson’s Van

Hot Wheels Batcycle from the Dark Knight

Ertl Cannonball Run Transcon Medi-vac van

Matchbox Kenthworth W900 CUSTOM Smokey and the Bandit Snowman’s Rig

What’s your favorite star car and which star cars would you like to see in the next photo? Leave your thoughts in the comments below....and enjoy the pics!
















I’m open to doing write ups on any suggested cars, so let me know if you see anything that tickles your star car fancy.