photo courtesy of the Lamley Group...thanks Mr. Lambert!

I’ve been a big fan of the MBX National Parks & Forest Service series vehicles for the last couple of years, and have managed (with some degree of difficulty) to obtain all the various models and variations of both series, and also some related vehicles that don’t quite fit in with the series but are accepted by collectors as “part of the gang”, as it were. All I was missing was the VERY elusive Silverado. Lamley has featured this one a number of times (and credit to Lamley for the two photos here) and each time was a serious tease to me.

Photo courtesy of the Lamley Group

The legend has it, Matchbox created the model for a 10 pack, for whatever reason mostly shelved it at the last minute, some were found in random locations, mostly somewhere in Canada according to Lamley, but they are scarce as hell. In the last two years only 1 or two popped up on eBay, the last auction I lost at the last second, not because I wasn’t (probably stupidly) willing to pay the rapidly escalating bidding war price…but because it simply ran out of time and I couldn’t rebid and rebid fast enough (I think there was 20+ bids in the closing moments of the auction…and I was driving at the time, furiously trying to keep up). While I was disappointed to lose the auction, sanity took ahold again and I was glad I didn’t end up paying the crazy amount that one went for.


One popped up about a week ago, bids went back and forth initially, crept up here and there in the middle, but seemed to stabilize in the by the last day and stayed there. I expected a last minute frenzy, but in the closing moments I halfheartedly threw in a max bid that was still far less than the last auction, still a bit crazy, but I simply wasn’t willing to get into another battle….plus, admittedly, my focus is starting to turn away from diecast somewhat. I straight up didn’t expect to get it. The auction ended, and I somehow ended up getting it for slightly more than the last competing bid, and about half of what the last auction went for.

I couldn’t believe it.

And now it’s mine. Today it arrived.

Two years of hunting, daily checking various ebay keyword searches, and boom…all worth it.


If I were to walk away fron diecasts right now, I’d feel like my work was completed.

I won’t, however…I have slowed down a bit, much of my discretionary income has been going to vinyl records lately (something both me and my girl can appreciate together) but diecast is in my blood, for better or for worse!