Photography fail? I have plenty. But some particularly stand out. Let’s talk about some of your bad shots that you actually like. And maybe the worst outtakes or shots you once considered good while we’re at it.

This one came out as a total mistake. I was inspired by a tip on using different photo surfaces and a similar photo by TFritsch (this entire post was actually inspired by TFritsch’s comment). It didn’t work out ideally because the surface was glossy but one of the shots aligned and I made a masterpiece out of hot garbage!

The only reason the lights are different colors are because I use a 5000k daylight bulb facing my desk and 3000k cool white facing my bed. I thought putting a frosted glass cover over the lights would reduce the glare but no. It’s still nice that it aligned perfectly with the headlights on this Tamiya box.

And actual real garbage? I believe this may have been one of my first experiments with shutter speed. Feel free to guess what this car is and cheat with photo editing software because I doubt it’ll work.


And I don’t know why I still have a ton of these photos on my phone. They’re all just bad. I was trying to capture the interior and the “Type R” logo on the seats.

And some of my first photos I took during the week I joined LaLD. Only the first few with the packaging are decent but otherwise I want to redo these photos to give it the glory it deserves.


Plus I used to sell my stuff on eBay. It surprises me that I once considered these among my best shots.


Oh wait, I asked for potato photos didn’t I?

Jaga Pokkuru french fry snacks by Calbee’s Potato Farm. Probably the most popular souvenir when I went to Hokkaido earlier this year, known for their agriculture. Potatoes are one of the main crops.