I have an awesome father. Just finished helping him unpack his luggage.

Tiny Volvo bus, Mini GT RHD LB Works R35, Mini GT RHD Civic Type R, INNO64 Civic EF, Tomica Civic Type Rs, and some hair wax.

I usually order some items online and one of his friends picks them up for us. This time, my dad was nice enough to stop by Tiny’s new flagship store with my uncle and pick up a few items. He also tried looking for the new Tomica Ferraris since I couldn’t preorder them. Even with the guidance of a local diecast-loving middle-schooler (his best friend’s son), the release was just too hot. If they’re still hard to get and his best friend’s son manages to find some, I’ll see if we can bring a few back to share next month.

Which one of these pieces would you guys like to see more of?