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Hot Sixty 4th: 50th Fav 3 on a Friday

Hello everyone and welcome to my 196th post as I will be showing some of the Hot Wheels 50th Favorites that I like and acquired. The 3rd one is the ‘65th Ford Galaxie.

Also release on the 2nd wave, this is number 10 of 10. The last model in this series is somehow one of the peg warmers even with the Gulf livery.


So what exactly happened? How could a model with Gulf livery not get the attention of collectors? There were talks that the Gulf livery was now overused and is not a guarantee to become a hot seller.

I must admit that this model would not be a Fav for me as well as I don’t really collect Galaxie and it does not have any special feature except metal chassis, full tampo on the front, side and rear and rubber tires but something in me said that the Gulf livery somehow makes this look pretty attractive so it went home with me.


I know there are some LaLDers that also collected this and wondered if anyone felt that this should still be one of the Fav or should it not have been included due to it not being a sought after model?

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