Welcome again to another DLM cars from 1/64 and smaller and sometimes larger. So I stumbled upon the Best of Matchbox series for 2017 in our TRU and not all of the models were available but found what I think is the most colorful police car that I’ve ever seen. So here’s my 63rd post with the BMW M5 Police from Matchbox.

Considered as a premium, the Best of Matchbox comes in a bigger blister pack that shows the model and a box with the art work of the model.

Years ago this same packaging style would have been considered just a mainline release.

Image borrowed from internet


Although not much, I was happy to be able to avail of the 15% discount offered by TRU during that time. Indicated as 1/64 below the chassis, this would be good news to collectors who sticks to true 1/64. Let’s check the model on all sides. The packaging does not contain any number to identify the model unlike the mainline.


Now let’s examine the features available on this casting. Comparing this with Hot Wheels Car Culture series the cost is around the same. Like the Car Culture series this comes with rubber tires which some say were the same ones used on other Hot Wheels car. I really don’t mind that since Mattel manufactures both Matchbox and Hot Wheels anyway as long as the size stays stock. It comes with full tampo galore on all sides which Car Culture don’t always have. The last one is where you decide which one is more important. Matchbox does not have metal chassis but Hot Wheels does however.... Matchbox included a box where you can put the model in while Hot Wheels is well, had a nicer graphic art compared to mainline.


So does it justify the cost without the metal chassis but includes a box? I say it does not since an extra box in the packaging cost less than putting a metal chassis but what I can say is the model is definitely nice looking and if you like it then still go for it.