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Hot Sixty 4th: A look at Johnny's Past

In time for Murica Monday, my 152nd post is a look back at one of Johnny Lightning’s past releases. Here is a model that is related to plastic model kits.

Here is an American car made by an American Toy company under the Classic Plastic release 1. Is this then a die cast or plastic?


Based on an actual model kit released by AMT, this replica is a 1/64 die cast. I also accidentally discovered a picture of this exact model while browsing in my 1980/81 Matchbox AMT catalog. The reason for the combined name is AMT was purchased by Lesney at that time in 1978.

Not my image but borrowed from internet

The picture above is a sample of one such catalog with the photo of the ‘69 Chevy Blazer ”Boondocker”.


For me Johnny Lightning was innovative during its days as they even included this mini model kit collector box in the packaging. By this time Lesney no longer owns AMT as the company no longer exist.


The casting is a good replica of the color, side graphics and the model but the wheels and height does not match the picture of the model on the box.


If you don’t want to spend time painting and glueing plastic kits but liked the model, not only will this fit in your collection but also saves you space.


Since Round 2 owns both Johnny Lightning and several plastic model kits brand, it has the potential to revived this series again.

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