Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th where we showcase DLM cars of 1/64 and smaller. How is the train, Christmas and the number on my posting related? It’s the time when people would put up their toy trains under the Christmas tree and since the train is 1/87 scale and this is my 187th post why not show some 1/87 cars as well, right?

So exactly what do toy trains have to do with Christmas and how did this tradition get started?

According to the website Wonderpolis, no one really knows but it was believe the tradition dates back at least around the 1900s when manufacturer Lionel began to produce the first electric toy trains.

Since most children were more familiar with trains than automobiles at that time, toy train sets were popular requests for Christmas gifts. Upon opening a toy train set, assembling it to run under the Christmas tree was a natural thing to do.


Of course mine included a diorama so it was placed besides the Christmas tree instead.


I’m really impressed on the realism of the building by Woodland Scenics.


These 1/87 castings are very realistic looking as they were made for adult collectors who likes trains and are really tiny compared to their 1/64th counterpart. Of course realism and accurate to scale comes at a price and they are more pricey than any 1/64 diecast. Of course due to the size there is more room for storage which makes it easy to expand your collections.

Here is an overview of my setup.

So the question is does anyone still observed this tradition?