Looks like Greenlight finally joined the 510 bandwagon so on my 167th post is a look at another 510 aka Bluebird casting.

From Black Bandit...

To Tokyo Torque series 2. I first got hold of the matte black thru ebay and the other 2 thru Hobby Lobby.

Unlike M2 which has the 4 door version, Greenlight decided to go with the 2 door and LHD.


Like M2 it also comes with opening hood.

If you’ve seen the engine on the M2, it’s nothing compared to Greenlight which has better engine detail.


Since TLV is known for its consistency in 1/64 scale, I will be using a TLV Datsun 2 door for comparison.

Size wise it seems pretty much identical yet I think the name badge on the Greenlight seems slightly big. The side turn signal is too high.


Here’s a 1:1 for comparison.

Image borrowed from Amazon.com


While the TLV uses lens on the headlight, Greenlight has it painted on instead.


Unlike the Black Bandit version which is mostly black so it is hard to see the detail but on the other 2, the flaws are obvious. Notice the headlight bezels on the blue car looks kind of thick which creates the illusion that the front grill looks narrower horizontally. Although different front grills were made depending on the year and model which explains the difference between Greenlight and TLV. Yet as I was looking at the workmanship, I felt that compare to TLV, Greenlight is lacking in depth which makes it look more like someone just painted some lines. The hood on the Greenlight looks a tad bit longer. And why paint the simulated chrome trim on the plastic windshield? It looks thick and unrealistic. M2 does a better job on that.

Both uses lens on the taillights. Again that chrome trim is a sore.


So if you strive for realism on 1/64, TLV wins hands down. If you’re really into 510 and would not like to spend $$$$ on a TLV and wanted 2 door then Greenlight is your choice. I hope Greenlight at least eliminate the chrome trim printing on the plastic window and that should at least give it some improvement.