If you are not aware (even me included), Hot Wheels introduced a new die cast for their new Star Wars Bounty Hunter series 6 car set.

On my 105th post is the pop culture theme 60's Ford Econoline pickup featuring bounty hunter Boba Fett. Sure we’ve seen plenty of Econoline vans/panels made by M2 but not the pickup.

If you remember last year, there was a show by Discovery’s mega week special of Fast N Loud episode featuring a couple of guys called Richard and Aaron who decided to do another Hot Wheels project by turning an old 1963 Ford Econoline pickup into a hot rod that was approved to be a Redline Edition car for Hot Wheels’ Red Line Club (RLC).

Of course the Gas Monkey Garage Hot Rod pickup aka Hi-Po Hauler is slightly different than this as it came with a rear engine on the bed and spoke wheels but I believe this is where Hot Wheels based this casting on.


I know there are collectors that frown upon the pop culture series but if this was the casting Mattel had in mind for RLC and you are not a member, this is your opportunity to have first dip without having to join the RLC first.


I love the steelie wheels used in this casting as even though it’s lowered, it still retains a bit of old school look.

Definitely a nice compliment to M2 Machine’s Econoline Van.