On my 147th post is the ‘69 Chevy Kingswood Estate by Auto World.

Back in the days, wagons were roomy and you can fit tons of luggages and that’s just at the back and can probably fit 6 - 7 people without a foldable 3rd row seat. This hobby exclusive black sporty wagon is one large true 1/64 casting.

Sure this casting was available previously and at that time it was available at our Walmart I pass on it as the color even though nice was not enough to entice me. I then spotted this beautiful glossy black wagon and I’m hook.


The tampos (or stickers if on a 1:1) that were placed on the side window looks realistic and readable. The tires had nice white lettering on it.

It has one opening feature which is the hood. I wish it included the tailgate as well. Overall a nice looking wagon that reflects how American Station wagons were before everything shrunk in size.


There was another Kingswood hobby exclusive model that came out with this one, a replica of an obscure racing car from the 70’s which I didn’t acquire at that time but might do so in the future.