In this series I will showcase DLM cars ranging within the 1/64 and smaller. The 15th one is a nice long one, the M2 release 1 of their famous Auto Haulers 1956 Ford C-500 COE & 1949 Mercury Custom in blue and flame.

Most of us collectors are probably familiar with this model already but I bet you when it was first release a lot of us are probably excited in acquiring one or hoping to find one if you have not pre-ordered. As for me I did not pre-ordered online as I wanted to test the water locally so to speak. But of course I never did find one when they were first release. So did I finally ordered this online? Not at all as I was running errand at a Walmart store one day, I decided like most to us do drop by the die cast area checking out the merchandise only to be surprise to find a few staring at me. This was at the time when M2 was already on their release 07. I’m thinking they probably found some old stock still lying at their warehouse.

I really like this casting as it has a very unique trailer. This was popular during the 50's where a show car is displayed in a custom or show case trailer.

The Ford COE does not have any opening parts. The trailer has an opening rear double doors.


Additionally it included 2 ramps that are pulled out where you can moved the car down. Here we have the included ‘49 Mercury.


The Mercury does not having opening parts.

A few complains I have is the double doors has a minor overlapping issue. They are also made of plastic which makes it fragile. Also most of the trailer is made of plastic with the exception of the base which is metal. How I long for the days when Matchbox used to make them in metal.