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Hot Sixty 4th: M2 Ford C-500 COE & Shelby Cobra Trailer

In this series I will showcase DLM cars ranging within the 1/64 and smaller. The 16th one is another nice long one and another Ford, the M2 release 5 of 1956 Ford C-500 COE & Shelby Cobra Trailer.

I started becoming fond of cars designed in the 50’s and was happy when M2 Machines came into the picture with their initial offerings of 50’s cars. When they expanded their offering of truck with trailers I was ready to add them to my collections.


What I like about these box trailers are the product advertisement on their side and I love the color used on this truck and wheels as well.

I will also provide a review on my experience with this specific model.


The Pros:

Just like their automobiles I’m amazed at how nice the Ford COE truck looked. No fancy customized out of the ordinary design. Just stock. The wheels used are also proper for the truck not some generic mass produced one style fits all wheels which sometimes makes the model look less attractive.


The paint job looks terrific.

The body and chassis of the COE are metal.

I like to touch my collection so not having small delicate parts is a plus.

Nice acrylic display case with the name of the model indicated on the front side of the base.


I like to admire the graphics that are painted on the box trailer and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Opening doors at the rear of the trailer.

The rubber tires even have grooves on it.


The Cons:

Quality control 1. Do you noticed anything not right about the interior of this truck above? It may not be that clear on the picture so after unscrewing the body….


the steering wheel is facing the back of the truck as the interior was inverted. Not a big thing as it was an easy fix.


As a note I’m glad that M2 uses screws on their chassis instead of rivet which makes it easier to remove it to fix their mistakes.

Quality control 2. I noticed that something was rattling inside the display case but couldn’t tell what it was at first. I assumed that one of the screws underneath that holds the truck in the display case came loose but turns out to be the fifth wheel coupling which was not attached on the rear of the truck. But still I’m glad that it’s in there and is another easy fix.


Quality control 3. Unable to close the rear double doors properly as this may be due to slightly longer door widths and should have been corrected before actual production.


Although as previously stated I like the opening doors at the rear of the trailer, it is made of plastic which makes it somewhat fragile. Also the doors are white inside which makes me wonder if somehow their factory paint sprayer missed it.

Notice I did not complain about wobbly wheels as they were not a big issue then.


Probably being nik picky on this next complain but when I bought this I was disappointed that the trailer body is made of plastic as I was hoping that Castline which made their cars and trucks with metal body and chassis would do the same for their trailers just like the Lesney era of the 60's with their Matchbox brand since no toy has ever done that for a while.

Even with some of these quality control issues I’m still glad it does not distract from the beauty of the model.

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