On my 158th post is a new tooling introduced by M2 for 2018.

Shown on November 13, 2017 as a sneak peak on M2's facebook, this is the 1970 Chevrolet C60 Truck and is one of the Auto Trucks 6 Piece Set Release 46 by M2.

This truck like most Auto Trucks series does not have any opening and the separate headlights that use to be part of M2's individual parts is now molded with the body with silver paint.


The truck bed is similar to the 1970 Chevy C10. I wish the tail gate would open.

This medium duty truck is nicely detail with tampos on the side and the word ‘Good Year’ printed on the tires. Does not come with side mirrors. There was some minor wobbly on the dually and the side trim on both sides are not totally aligned but not a big quality control issue for me.


Fits nicely in the garage.

This is a nice Chevy that I nearly ignore when I first saw the sneak peak. I’m glad I was able to find it. What M2 needs to do next is an extended flat bed truck.