Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th in which I show off my DLM 1/64 and smaller and sometimes larger collections. Besides Coca Cola, Mooneyes is probably the next icon that M2 uses a lot for their casting and just like Coke, the 1969 Datsun Bluebird also gets the Mooneyes treatment on my 223rd post.

I bought this together with the 2 hobby exclusives Auto Japan Coke and unlike the former this comes in their usual acrylic display case with no 2 dollars markup.

Like Hot Wheels, M2 is also given the license to include the Japanese Nostalgic car logo on their Japanese castings.

I know there is the M2 Auto hauler with the Mack semi and a yellow Datsun with Mooneyes livery which I never found in our Walmart but I am not sure if this specific livery is a Hobby exclusives or not.



I don’t really sought out for Mooneyes livery but I do like them on the castings that I do collect.