For my 157th post I would like to introduced 2 characters that you may have seen appeared in some of my post. Meet Carl the car guy and Joe the everyday guy.

Carl: Hi my name is Carl. What can I do for ya?

Joe: My name is Joe and I have here my ‘62 Nissan Junior made by Matchbox and although the Matchbox team did a good job in putting in some detail, I felt that something is still missing.

Joe: For instance, the truck bed does not match the color of the truck.


Joe: Overall I felt some essential details are missing on this truck.


Carl: Don’t you worry Mr. Joe. I know what I need to do. I guarantee.

A week later.


Carl: Mr. Joe. Be ready for the surprise of your life.

Carl: As you can see I added some small detail based on the picture below which is probably what Matchbox based their model from.


Image borrowed from internet.

Carl: Here I added detail to the door handles, key slots, front side turn signals...


Carl: The front hood ornament, the tip of the antennae...


Carl: Even got the bumper painted white to match with the model.

Carl: Added detail to your spare and mud flaps.


Carl: Best of all, tada, a color match of your truck bed. What do you think Mr. Joe?

Joe: Looks good. However I needed something that gives it a bit more punch if you know what I mean.

Carl: Absolutely. Give me another week and I’ll take care of it.

Week 2:


Carl: Are you ready Mr. Joe?

Joe: Ready when you are.


Carl: Here you go. White walls.

Carl: Added detail to the key slot on the fuel door and chrome trim on the vent window.


Carl: And... added a bit of weathering to the bed to make it more of a work truck.

Joe: All good and well but...

Carl: Say no more Mr. Joe. If the detail is not impressive enough, I will take care of it. Come back in another week.


Week 3:

Carl: Alright Mr. Joe. Get ready for a real surprise.

Joe: I’ll be the judge of that.


Joe: WHAT THE..?

Carl: Behold. I gave it the full detail treatment. The weathering effect.


Joe: But... but..

Carl: The tire, the roof, the hood.


Carl: The front...

Carl: The rear...


Carl: Underneath...

Carl: And best of all the truck bed matches with your truck. What do you say Mr. Joe?


Carl: Uh.. Mr Joe, are you ok?

That’s all for now folks.