On my 169th post is a 1/64 vintage hauler worth looking at.

Mack Trucks, Inc., is an American truck–manufacturing company founded in 1900 as the Mack Brothers Company and adopted its present name in 1922.

While Mercedes has the 3 point star, Mack trucks has the bulldog ornament on the front.


Probably when it comes to vintage truck and trailer 1/64 die-cast like this Mack B-61 Day Cab with 40' Trailer, the first thing that pop into collectors mind is the M2 brand. In fact I won’t be surprise if collector would also mention Tomica Limited Vintage as well. But something is quite different with this truck. In fact M2 as of now only makes 2 axle trucks but this has 3 axles. This was made by First Gear, a company that has been making die cast since it’s founding in 1992.


They also make other scale like this 1/34 which I bought in ebay years ago.

So let’s check the workmanship.


A great looking highly detailed truck that includes all the trimmings like side mirrors, separate headlights, all wheels are pretty straight when rolling, mostly metal parts with plastic base on the trailer which is the opposite of M2.

It also has the bulldog ornament. 


There is just one complain that I have. The rear double doors on the 40' trailer does not open at all.

Lastly anyone who is willing to pay TLV price on similar models will be happy to know that even if it is more expensive than M2, this will be less than TLV prices.