Look who dropped in for gas on my 189th post?

As I continue to look into my pile of die cast I unearth another Ultra Hots series featuring the ‘55 Chevy Panel by Hot Wheels.

Release in 2006 as a mainline first edition, this model has been used countless times in their premium releases as well. Designed by Phil Riehlman, this vintage looking panel has a nice White Line Real Rider tires and some flames on the side with metal body and chassis and.......


has a rear opening door with a metal motorbike that slides right out and can also be removed. How cool is that?


Full tampo with opening door and removable cargo, what’s not to like? I probably have 3 other panels still in storage that I have to look for in the future. Overall I think the Ultra Hots series is one of the great premium series that should have continued.