I can probably count with my fingers the number of AW that I have as I don’t collect a lot of muscle car. But the Polara is the exception to the rule. For my 55th post, here’s the 1963 Dodge Polara Max Wedge 426 by Auto World.

Kimba showed one before in black. I tried to look for the black one as well but only managed to find it in white.

So what is a Max Wedge? Midway through the 1962 model year, the Maximum Performance Wedge package was introduced—the legendary combination that soon became known as the Max Wedge.

Compare to the regular Polara, this baby packs a lot of muscle. The Max Wedge got its name from its wedge-shaped combustion chambers. In 1964, the 426 Max Wedge served as the mechanical foundation for the reborn 426 Hemi.


So let’s look at the model itself. I did not know what to expect from AW as I’ve been slightly burned from other manufacturer that made premium die cast. The AW package comes in blister pack with an additional box where you can store the car in it if you want to discard the blister package.


I’ve read somewhere that the front grille took a lot of testing and effort to make it as detailed on a 1/64 and that grille is what attracted me to this car. There is a hood scoop that is molded with the hood which differentiate it from the regular Polara which I included in “The Italian Job”. The hood also opens but y0u need to have long fingers in order to get it to open. The doors and trunk do not open. The headlights and taillights are painted on and the bumpers are molded with the body as it does not have a lot of individual parts compared to M2 but the detailed is still good and no QC issues.


Overall a good replica that I would recommend.