This is the 3rd and last model included in the package from Japan. On my 180th post is the LV-97 b Nissan Caball 1900 by TLV.

Nissan Caball is a light commercial truck manufactured by Nissan Motors from December 1957 until December 1981. The Caball was mainly sold in Japan, Hong Kong, South East Asian countries, Australia, New Zealand, and few European countries and shared the Nissan Junior platform.


The Nissan Caball was released back in Oct 2010 so this is old new stock and if you have bought it at that time it will be a lot cheaper than what I paid for this. Yet since this is not as popular as let’s say a Bluebird, the price difference is not that much.


I was at first trying to make up my mind whether to purchase this or not as I am not sure if I will like the look but in the end I fell in love with it. The detail of this is typical of TLV as they are done really well and even includes a removal canvas. And this model is not the type that you will find in any American brand that makes Japanese car so if you are a true JDM fan you might want to take a second look at this model if you haven’t yet.

I do have one complain and it’s due to a lack or slip of quality control. The canvas is slight warp so it is wider at the rear so when you put it on top it does not stay parallel on the truck. I informed the seller and was promptly given a replacement so was glad to have a non-defective one as well.