Welcome again to another DLM cars from 1/64 and smaller and sometimes larger. On my 73rd post is the ever popular Honda CR-V that some of us may have probably owned.

This 2nd generation CR-V made between 2002 - 2006 was a full redesign, based on the seventh generation Civic, and powered by the K24A1 engine.

Released as #111 Honda CR-V by Tomica, I loved this basic model release as it somehow retain the detail and realism of the actual vehicle and if it were not for the wheels and front and rear lights you would think this could be a TLV. I also love how Tomica used regular black bumpers instead of the color matched one which helps give it some detail as well.

I am not aware of any toy manufacturer that made this casting so I am glad that Tomica did.



It has front opening doors and springy suspension.


Since this model seems to be based on Honda’s low end model (non-color match bumpers), the wheels shown on the box looks more like an upgrade than those that came factory installed.

I would definitely give it a 4.8 out of 5 for detail. 4.5 for play value and 5 for quality as I encountered no issues at all.