Welcome again to another DLM cars from 1/64 and smaller and sometimes larger. Continuing the history of the Skyline in celebration of their 60th anniversary this year, it would be incomplete if I did not show you the most iconic image of the Hakosuka so my 72nd post is the often seen Skyline model in its white racing livery.

Previously I’ve shown the unique 4 door version of the GT-R.

And before the word Hakosuka was in my vocabulary and before Hot Wheels came out with their replica, Tomica already introduced me to the world of Hakosuka Skyline without me realizing it.

A vintage Made in Japan #21 NISSAN SKYLINE HT 2000 GT-R in 1/62 by Tomica, this model was introduced around the 70's and proud to be the original owner.


Unlike the Hot Wheels, the headlight covers are distinct in color from the body. There was no tampo on the rear however.

I was pretty happy with this that I did not even considered collecting the Hot Wheels version till they came out with the Historic Japan Car Culture.



The detail in this is not as refined as the Kyosho brand (based on picture) but still pretty decent. As for play value it has opening doors and springy suspension. I’m also glad that it’s still in pretty decent condition.

As for the number #6 indicated on the box, it is different from the actual model and wondered whether it was a last minute change or just a mistake.