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Hot Sixty 4th: Samurai Sunday Tomica TLV- Nissan 1500 deluxe

In this series I will showcase DLM cars ranging within the 1/64 and smaller. The 17th one is a Tomica TLV Nissan Skyline 1500 Deluxe. Wait…Skyline? Ok some of us in the States and else where are probably more familiar with the more sporty 2 door Skyline like the one used in ‘Fast and Furious 3 Tokyo Drift’.

Before Skyline became a Nissan brand it was first introduced in April 1957 by the Prince Motor Company, and was marketed as a luxury car. It featured a 1.5 L (1,482 cc) GA-30 engine (also known as FG4A-30) producing 44 kW (60 hp) at 4,400 rpm. Skylines were produced as four-door sedans and five-door station wagons.


In 1966, Nissan and Prince merged and this model came to be known as the C10 series in 1968 began its development under Prince at the company’s Ogikubo R&D centre in the suburbs of Tokyo and was marketed with a Nissan badge. By the time the C10 went on sale, the Prince nameplate had been completely phased out on cars and trucks. The dealer network selling the cars became the Prince channel of Nissan.


Tomica did a great job in creating one of the most iconic model of Nissan which is becoming more well known in the States as well. With rubber tires, nice looking vintage hubcaps, realistic looking head and tail lights instead of painted what more could you asked. Of course they could have included side mirrors to give it almost a 100% realistic looking model but it would either be fragile as it would be too thin or looks more like a toy as it is too thick. Also it does not come with opening parts.

Picture borrowed from the internet.

Above is the 1:1 car.

I got this one from Amiami with a few other Tomicas which I indicated on my previous blog so stay tune.


(Side note) I recently found and added the 1:1 picture above after I already posted this blog as a last minute decision and I realized after reviewing my blog that the way this picture was taken looks almost like my 2nd photo which I shot weeks ago. The resemblance is uncanny don’t you think?

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