Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th where I showcase DLM cars in 1/64 on smaller. More hidden treasures from the past and on my 188th post is the first release of the โ€˜66 Dodge A100 by Hot Wheels under their Delivery Slick Rides series.

Release around 2010, this panel van was a sight to behold. Nice Real Rider Steelie wheels and rubber tires introduced on the same year which is appropriate for the vehicle period. Clean and good looking Union 76 livery definitely made this one slick looking van. Full tampo on the front and back and still less than the cost of the retro entertainment or the recent Car Culture series. But there is no opening parts for this casting. And would you believe the designer was none other than Jun Imai before he became known for designing Japanese cars.


However the more recent releases are heading more toward Pop Culture and seems to have become more asย a peg warmer. Even though I do enjoy pop culture livery once in a while, this casting is not something I would collect in just any livery unlike the VW panel van. Definitely these more realistic livery is something that Mattel should go back to.